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Artist / Illustrator / Maker of things

Wendy Bazuta

Hello, and welcome to my little spot on the internet.

My name is Wendy, I am a Canadian artist and illustrator living in British Columbia.

Please take a look at my work.


I like to create illustrations in a variety of media, this is usually based on the subject matter, intended use or sometimes just my mood if they are just for me.

The different media I work in are watercolour, coloured pencil and digital, both vector and raster. I always experiment with new techniques to see how they work with my own style.


Painting has always been a passion of mine. While I have never pursued it professionally, I still continue to experiment and grow. One day it may take over my life completely.

The media I prefer to use for my paintings is Watercolour or Oil. I have also started learning to paint digitally in programs like Procreate and am starting to enjoy those as well.

Design Work

My 17 years of graphic design have taught me a lot about layout, composition and many aspects of designing for print.

I have applied those skills to my endeavours into designing merchandise, including surface design patterns.